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My 2 month old #puppy #Charlie with Olesya.  Charlie was a loved puppy in the community and among friends.  At 16 months old, I took Charlie for a run and let him off #leash in an off leash area to play with about 20 other off leash #dogs.  As we were leaving, a park #police horse appeared out of nowhere just as I was about to leash him.  Charlie ran towards the #horse and I couldn't catch up to him.  As we reached the horse, Charlie was barking but wagging his tail so I relaxed a bit.  But things escalated and I was unable to grab him.  The horse and dog started to spin around and it got dangerous for me to jump on Charlie.  I told the #officer to keep riding so that I could get behind them and grab Charlie.  But the officer suddenly started yelling "get 'em". Charlie took this wrong and jumped up and bit the horse.  The horse sat down and ejected the police officer and then took off running.  I ran after them and a few minutes later leashed Charlie near another officer in a patrol car.  I was #arrested and Charlie #impounded.  This sparked a two year battle that went all the way to the Federal Appeals #court because the city of #SanFrancisco wanted to kill Charlie and they wouldn't return him to me and my girlfriend.  I gained funds and support from people all over the world and had 122,000 petitioners.  San Francisco made it really difficult for me.  Got my #crowdfunding campaigns shut down, smeared me and defamed me in the #press, and harassed me, #bullied me online, and denied me civil rights such as free #speech.  I never got to see Charlie through this whole process.  Charlie was isolated and denied visits from even my #attorney.  To this day, I have no idea what happened to Charlie, where he is, or what happened to him.  Later, it was discovered that the police horse was lame with a healing #fractured leg and should have never been on duty in the first place.  There are many more details, laws broken, and #civilrights denied in this case, but for 6 years now, I can get no one to care about it at all.  I #love you, Charlie.  @marcorubiofla @senatorchuckgrassley @tgowdysc @sfcityattorney @sfexaminer @rosemaryorozco_ktvu @ktvu2


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