History Early Life

Solo Acoustic, Recording Studio, Projects (Bands), and Live Performances.

David Gizzarelli music has developed into several different projects over the years starting with Gizzarelli Solo Acoustic in the late 90’s. This was the first time David was able to perform new songs like Pacific Time, Something About You, and Sit On My Face … live before rigorous international open-mic crowds in San Francisco, California.

The Gizzarelli Band branched into a side project that included late brother John Paul and various session musicians such as Patrick Mahon, Dave “Djembe” Coen, and others who showed interest in his musical projects.

After several years of solo acoustic touring and home studio work (Diamond Plate Asylum was a guitar instrumental album released in 2004), David Gizzarelli opened up a new folder with the band Whaletail. Darin, Mike, and David toured several venues in the San Francisco Bay Area after around 6 months of rehearsal. With the creative band name and hard driving melodic tunes like Scrape, Summertime Girl, and Bumper Car … Whaletail experienced small success in local venues, tour contests, and house parties.

Eventually, Whaletail came to a rest after commutes and musical directions and other stresses took a turn leaving Gizzarelli back in the studio with new music and further musical projects and tour aspirations.