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David Gizzarelli has been a musician and songwriter since a young age.

For starters, David Gizzarelli began his journey in as a young kid watching his older brother Christopher play guitar and listen to an eclectic music collection.

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Later, David would begin to improve as a musician, guitar player, and songwriter. A cafeteria manager at his middle school named Betty Sorini encouraged David to write more lyrics, believe in himself, and to push forward in his musical aspirations.

David Gizzarelli
David Gizzarelli Music, Songs, and Inspiration

Additionally, Gizzarelli began to realize his dreams by writing original folk music and performing live at open mic venues. Meanwhile, David also started to produce benefit shows supporting underprivileged children and homeless awareness. One notable show was the holiday benefit that was titled “The Pacific Times Toy Drive”, annual benefit supporting less fortunate children. One year, the San Francisco Fire Department helped host the show. Arriving with 3 fire trucks complete with sirens and lights.

David Gizzarelli
David Gizzarelli

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