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David Gizzarelli is a an American actor, musician, and artist born in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. Gizzarelli has experience in film, television, and commercials since 1997. David Gizzarelli is the son of a WWII Veteran, Grandson to Emiliano Chamorro Vargas the former President of Nicaragua. His mother Pearla Downing is related to John B. Downing (Alligator Jack) who toured Nicaragua with Mark Twain and was Mark Twains Riverboat Captain.

David Gizzarelli Theatrical Reel 2015: Hallmark Spec by Keith Curry, What If by Hari Mahesh, Marsh Road by Henry Slaughter

“Hallmark” by Keith Curry was a last minute booking by Keith, a local film student and artist based out of Oakland, CA. I happened to have the military wardrobe that he was looking for. If there was any audition, it was brief, the booking mostly decided on my acting experience and wardrobe. I liked Keith and his approach to the “moment”. He was also very hospitable, making sure the cast and crew had everything that we needed including transportation, food, and drinks!

What If” was an exciting film for me. I didn’t get the lead role I wanted, but the director Hari Mahesh wanted me for the supporting role of “Chuck”. This short film gave me a little room to stretch out my feet and work on a character. It was a delight to work on this modern film set with a trained crew and an experienced director (Hari Mahesh: Love, Shanti) and I was excited to be working towards my film acting goals. It was mostly bare bones shooting with a nice camera, but the energy on set was high and we all worked together to make a polished film amid budget and time constraints.

Marsh Road” was a fun short film to work on. Henry at Slaughterhouse Films has a good picture of what he wants on set. Set in a rural town, a group of friends disappear leaving one young friend to answer for the strange occurrence. I was cast as the reporter pressing the remaining girl for information. This was a great role for my resume as every actor would like a chance at a reporter role.

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