David Gizzarelli

Actor, Musician, Director, and Producer

San Francisco, California U.S.A.

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David Gizzarelli is a Film Actor, Passionate Guitar Player and Musician, Director, and Producer born in San Francisco, California U.S.A.

As a folk artist and band producer, David enjoyed some success with such songs as Bumper Car, Something About You, and other independent folk and rock music. Gizzarelli saught out to do something bigger and began producing local shows and benefits that supported the independent music community in San Francisco. With the help of artists such as JJ Schultz, Tamara Cohen, and more prominent local musicians, David produced well attended shows and benefits such as Hot Diva Madness, Sunday Funday, and the annual benefit show The Pacific Times Toy Drive supporting the San Francisco Firefighters Toy Drive organization.

Gizzarelli continued to support local worthy causes until San Francisco politics caused the shutdown of one of Gizzarelli's biggest shows. "... there was big line of people outside excited to see the music show". Exhausted, David would find other artistic endeavors.

Around 2005, David rekindled his passion for acting and participated in local Bay Area auditions that included plays, short films, student films, and festival competitions.

One notable festival was the 48 Hour Film Festival in 2006, where Gizzarelli landed his first lead role oposite a female lead. "A Conscience Free Tomorrow" did not receive any awards, but was a well received science fiction film about a sleeping pill that helps erase memories, The "Pill-ow". David also won a contest landing him on stage with legendary musician Ian Gillan from the 60's rock band "Deep Purple". To add to the rare occasion, "Lars Ulrich" showed up to play drums on the song "Smoke on the Water", on which David Gizzarelli got the opportunity to play lead guitar.

David continued working and gaining experience in student films, short films, and festival filmmaking such as the Cinema Sports Film Festival in San Francisco. "In All Seriousness" was a fun light film build around the phrase "Freudian Slip".

By 2009, Gizzarelli could add call television his second home landing small background roles and featured roles on television shows such as NBC'S "Truama" as a recurring San Francisco firefighter. David rubbed elbows in action scenes with television and film actors such as Anastasia Griffith, Kevin Rankin, Cliff Curtis, Taylor Kinney, Aimee Garcia, Scottie Tompson, and Jamey Sheridan. Discovery Channels' "I Almost Got Away With It", and other roles working with Japanese Television producer Due Creative, Gizzarelli was working many film and television sets in the San Francisco Bay Area.

One of those small roles led to a lead role on a popular spin off shot from Discovery Channel titled "Cuff Me If You Can". David took on the role of Detective Venetucci, a veteran police officer and detective credited for solving a case involving the criminal William Hawley.

By Around 2012, Gizzarelli began working corporate films productions with companies like Vidyo, Cable Buddy, Umbo Earbud, Cisco, Digital Realty, HP, and others.

... to be continued.

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