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David Gizzarelli - Where is Charlie?
                        My buddy Charlie clean and healthy wearing a collar. He just never saw a horse before.

Why the San Francisco Police Department and the National Park Service were riding a lame horse with a fractured leg and lazily romping around in a high traffic area for the public where dogs are allowed off leash, I'll never understand.

And why the Animal Care & Control San Francisco wanted to kill a puppy for chasing a horse I can't comprehend. When two dogs get in a fight, does the neighborhood kill both the dogs? These are animals. Domestic animals. Charlie had no fear of humans until he was exposed to sfacc.

Who knows what they did to him. All I know is Charlie pissed all over the damned place when we picked him up his first time at Animal Control. He was soo scared.

Nor will I ever get any answers as to why or where Charlie is. Why?

Because the City and County of San Francisco - Government want to use a horse as bait to kill an innocent man. Yes, I said it. Charlie's case makes no sense.

The San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle want people to believe that the officer was on "routine patrol". That I was somehow at fault or responsible. Why else would the police report this little incident regarding a dog? To mislead the public. To cover up their failed attempt.

Where is the investigation? I never got any word of any investigation. This incident happened on Federal Land and there's no investigation? If there was, I don't know anything about it. But, I feel this was done "on purpose" as the Park Police knew who I was and that I had Charlie in the park frequently.

I've never seen a horse trotting through Crissy Field where there are children playing, off leash dogs, people training and riding bikes before that day August 6th 2012, and I haven't seen any since.

Furthermore, whenever you see horse patrols they are in groups, never one horse by itself.

Somehow, I was the bad guy for trying to save my 16 month old puppy. They also know quite well about dogs and horses in parks. Look into it.

8/22/2020 7:43:13 PM

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