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David Gizzarelli - Don't Tell Owner ... *********
                        One of the documents in the Administrative Record was a record of communication among staff at San Francisco Animal Control.  

After defending myself against an attack from a crazed man with a metal pipe, the San Francisco Police Department arrested me and impounded my puppy Charlie.  

I was later fully exonerated and all charges were dropped.

Even though the SFPD said they would leave Charlie my puppy with family members, they went ahead and turned Charlie into Animal Control while I was in jail for 5 days.

When I was bailed out of jail, Animal Control refused to release Charlie to me for several reasons.  

This is one of the documents that recorded the events during this time. 

I believe this document shows that San Francisco Animal Control was creating a "Set Up".  

The document clearly shows that San Francisco Animal Control didn't want me to know that my 16 month old puppy Charlie was lunging at staff at Animal Control.

Why would the staff so aggressively repeat to not tell me about Charlies' behavior?

I speculate that they were doing this because they were planning something sinister.

San Francisco was planning to place a "lame" police horse where they knew I was frequenting, running, and living ... at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  I had been staying in the area for awhile, trying to get back on my feet after being wrongly and constructively evicted from my place of residence in San Francisco.

Stoney the horse was a lame horse with a fractured leg that was on duty after recently being shipped from another State.

The lame police horse was a lame retired race horse and the police officer Eric Evans covered it up.  

I believe this whole case regarding my dog was a big setup.  

They were trying to kill David Gizzarelli.

Read the document attached and decide for yourself.  

I think it's pretty obvious.

10/5/2020 1:55:10 PM

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