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David Gizzarelli - Off Leash Policy Since 1979
                        San Francisco took and kept me from seeing my 16 month old puppy Charlie because he chased a police horse that was ridden into an area where off leash dogs have been permitted since 1979.

After dropping the multiple charges of assault on a police officer, one of the things the Department of Justice asked me to do was pay the fine of around $200.00.  

But even more interesting about this story was the trolls, the flamers, the stalkers, and the witches that were all yelling "but he didn't have Charlie under "VOICE CONTROL".  


... but, but ... isn't that what "Voice Control" means?  

Here, you decide for yourself.  Here is the GGNRA compendium for 2012. 

The laws have changed since 2012, but you can visit the current Superintendents Compendium by clicking on the link attached.

The compendium also states that horses and pack animals are not allowed anywhere 

Part of the law states the following in regards to horses: 

"36 CFR §2.16 – Horses and Pack Animals
(a) The following animals are designated as pack animals for purposes of transporting equipment:

(b) The use of horses or pack animals is prohibited outside of the following trails, routes or areas designated for their use:
Park-wide except that: ... "

You decide.  Was Charlie allowed off leash or not?  

Are police horses allowed on Crissy Field or not?

And most importantly ... who's fucking jurisdiction is it, anyway?!

Is it the Federal Governments jurisdiction or San Francisco's?


9/23/2020 8:34:43 PM

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