Gizzarelli Charlie: Wrong Address Details

David Gizzarelli - Gizzarelli Charlie: Wrong Address
                        One of the first tactics used by the San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera to cover up evidence was to send the Administrative Record in Charlie's case to the wrong address.

This made it so I wasn't able to read the botched administrative record prior to the administrative hearing at City Hall.

So, when I got to the hearing, I was present but with no file in my hand. I hadn't seen the administrative record prior to the hearing. 

At the hearing, the GGNRA police had prepared a rushed and sloppily put together affidavit of the events that occurred on the fateful day on Crissy Field, an off leash area for dogs since the 1970's.  

Some of the statements by the police officer that wasn't even around or nearby were:

1. Charlie chased the horse for 1.6 miles. Truth: Right after the horse started running, I ran after Charlie and the horse straight to the stables. The distance is about 100 yards. I arrived in about 3-5 minutes and leashed Charlie immediately. Charlie did not chase Stoney the horse 1.6 miles. The horse was gone, but Charlie and I were right there being detained by police ... who were all magically ALREADY THERE.

2. Officer Eric Evans said that Charlie bit him. Truth: The truth is that I was there and I saw instance where Charlie jumped and lunged at the horse. The officers boot was nearby, so he said Charlie tried to bite him. If Charlie wanted to bite the police officer, why did Charlie chase the horse? The object for Charlie was the horse, not the police officer.

3. The 18 year park police officer Eric Evans submitted photos of the horses injuries with lots of blood and color. Truth: The images were OBVIOUSLY altered. The blood looks fake. And the images seemed to have a dark red tint to them to make them appear more brilliant. Truth: The vet report for the Stoney the horse said that all of the horses wounds were SUPERFICIAL. It was later learned that the vet report was intentionally left out of the Administrative Record. The vet report stated that the horse was on duty with a fractured leg from a prior injury. The vet himself noted that the police officer strangely did not note the horses condition.

There was more covered up by Dennis Herrera and San Francisco that was intended to protect the police officer, in my opinion. I believe the officer was either negligent, or part of a conspiracy.

8/23/2020 2:48:48 PM

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