David Gizzarelli Photos

NBC Trauma Party 2010

David Gizzarelli Photos: NBC Trauma Party 2010
                     This is a photo from the NBC Trauma party (unofficial).  Only certain people were invited to the official party.  People like Carl Marino (Homicide Hunter) and others who were just like us ... actors working hard on the show.  But Carl Marino went to both parties.  

In this photo is Theresa from Beau Bonneau Casting and Tim or Timmy as I called him, an actor.  Tim is also an accomplished DJ and stage manager. I think the girl is Sonja. I'm in the back having beers with other people who worked on the show.

San Francisco Photo Shoot

David Gizzarelli Photos: San Francisco Photo Shoot
                     It can be challenging working with photographers.  Some are open to ideas while others are more demanding.  Being able to meet in the middle and work through differences is a great feeling, once the final product has arrived.  Work through it and own the project!

George Lucas at the Movies

David Gizzarelli Photos: George Lucas at the Movies
                     I told my #gf and she didn’t #believe me.  So, we waited after the #movie and they came out.

He allowed us to take a few #photos and when I asked, he said 2012 was “ok” 😂

I didn’t want to bother him with my acting career. #georgelucas #starwars gizzarelli.org

David Gizzarelli on NBC Trauma

David Gizzarelli Photos: David Gizzarelli on NBC Trauma
                     In 2009 and again in 2010, I was a recurring firefighter on the hit NBC TV show "Trauma".  

I got to work along side many famous film and television actors in action packed scenes with great character development.

In the "Stuck" episode, I was given a speaking line "Over here, boys" while working a restaurant fire with principle actors Kevin Rankin and Derek Luke (Luke Derek?).

I made a lot of friends on this show and the work inspired me to pursue other opportunities in tv, film, and corporate video acting.

Here's a recent photo for you

David Gizzarelli Photos: Here's a recent photo for you
                     I've just been staying home and working.  Hope you all are safe and productive.