David Gizzarelli Charlie

Don't Tell Owner ... *********

David Gizzarelli Charlie San Francisco: Don't Tell Owner ... *********
                     One of the documents in the Administrative Record was a record of communication among staff at San Francisco Animal Control.  

After defending myself against an attack from a crazed man with a metal pipe, the San Francisco Police Department arrested me and impounded my puppy Charlie.  

I was later fully exonerated and all charges were dropped.

Even though the SFPD said they would leave Charlie my puppy with family members, they went ahead and turned Charlie into Animal Control while I was in jail for 5 days.

When I was bailed out of jail, Animal Control refused to release Charlie to me for several reasons.  

This is one of the documents that recorded the events during this time. 

I believe this document shows that San Francisco Animal Control was creating a "Set Up".  

The document clearly shows that San Francisco Animal Control didn't want me to know that my 16 month old puppy Charlie was lunging at staff at Animal Control.

Why would the staff so aggressively repeat to not tell me about Charlies' behavior?

I speculate that they were doing this because they were planning something sinister.

San Francisco was planning to place a "lame" police horse where they knew I was frequenting, running, and living ... at the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  I had been staying in the area for awhile, trying to get back on my feet after being wrongly and constructively evicted from my place of residence in San Francisco.

Stoney the horse was a lame horse with a fractured leg that was on duty after recently being shipped from another State.

The lame police horse was a lame retired race horse and the police officer Eric Evans covered it up.  

I believe this whole case regarding my dog was a big setup.  

They were trying to kill David Gizzarelli.

Read the document attached and decide for yourself.  

I think it's pretty obvious.

Off Leash Policy Since 1979

David Gizzarelli Charlie San Francisco: Off Leash Policy Since 1979
                     San Francisco took and kept me from seeing my 16 month old puppy Charlie because he chased a police horse that was ridden into an area where off leash dogs have been permitted since 1979.

After dropping the multiple charges of assault on a police officer, one of the things the Department of Justice asked me to do was pay the fine of around $200.00.  

But even more interesting about this story was the trolls, the flamers, the stalkers, and the witches that were all yelling "but he didn't have Charlie under "VOICE CONTROL".  


... but, but ... isn't that what "Voice Control" means?  

Here, you decide for yourself.  Here is the GGNRA compendium for 2012. 

The laws have changed since 2012, but you can visit the current Superintendents Compendium by clicking on the link attached.

The compendium also states that horses and pack animals are not allowed anywhere 

Part of the law states the following in regards to horses: 

"36 CFR §2.16 – Horses and Pack Animals
(a) The following animals are designated as pack animals for purposes of transporting equipment:

(b) The use of horses or pack animals is prohibited outside of the following trails, routes or areas designated for their use:
Park-wide except that: ... "

You decide.  Was Charlie allowed off leash or not?  

Are police horses allowed on Crissy Field or not?

And most importantly ... who's fucking jurisdiction is it, anyway?!

Is it the Federal Governments jurisdiction or San Francisco's?


Craven Desires: David Gizzarelli

David Gizzarelli Charlie San Francisco: Craven Desires: David Gizzarelli
                     Defamation, libel, and lies.  

SF Police Horse Not Fit for Duty

David Gizzarelli Charlie San Francisco: SF Police Horse Not Fit for Duty
                     The 18 year veterans police horse was not fit for duty.  

The veterinarian  even points out that the police officer Eric Evans fails to notate that Stoney the horse had a prior injury and had a healing fractured leg.  

Also, note that each paragraph says "superficial injury".

The City Attorney of San Francisco didn't report this.  The San Francisco Examiner didn't report this.  The San Francisco Chronicle didn't report this.  The San Francisco Police Department didn't report this.

All anyone could report is that David Gizzarelli was a bum who punched his (step) father in the face.  That also, was a lie.

Gizzarelli Charlie: Wrong Address

David Gizzarelli Charlie San Francisco: Gizzarelli Charlie: Wrong Address
                     One of the first tactics used by the San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera to cover up evidence was to send the Administrative Record in Charlie's case to the wrong address.

This made it so I wasn't able to read the botched administrative record prior to the administrative hearing at City Hall.

So, when I got to the hearing, I was present but with no file in my hand. I hadn't seen the administrative record prior to the hearing. 

At the hearing, the GGNRA police had prepared a rushed and sloppily put together affidavit of the events that occurred on the fateful day on Crissy Field, an off leash area for dogs since the 1970's.  

Some of the statements by the police officer that wasn't even around or nearby were:

1. Charlie chased the horse for 1.6 miles. Truth: Right after the horse started running, I ran after Charlie and the horse straight to the stables. The distance is about 100 yards. I arrived in about 3-5 minutes and leashed Charlie immediately. Charlie did not chase Stoney the horse 1.6 miles. The horse was gone, but Charlie and I were right there being detained by police ... who were all magically ALREADY THERE.

2. Officer Eric Evans said that Charlie bit him. Truth: The truth is that I was there and I saw instance where Charlie jumped and lunged at the horse. The officers boot was nearby, so he said Charlie tried to bite him. If Charlie wanted to bite the police officer, why did Charlie chase the horse? The object for Charlie was the horse, not the police officer.

3. The 18 year park police officer Eric Evans submitted photos of the horses injuries with lots of blood and color. Truth: The images were OBVIOUSLY altered. The blood looks fake. And the images seemed to have a dark red tint to them to make them appear more brilliant. Truth: The vet report for the Stoney the horse said that all of the horses wounds were SUPERFICIAL. It was later learned that the vet report was intentionally left out of the Administrative Record. The vet report stated that the horse was on duty with a fractured leg from a prior injury. The vet himself noted that the police officer strangely did not note the horses condition.

There was more covered up by Dennis Herrera and San Francisco that was intended to protect the police officer, in my opinion. I believe the officer was either negligent, or part of a conspiracy.

Where is Charlie?

David Gizzarelli Charlie San Francisco: Where is Charlie?
                     My buddy Charlie clean and healthy wearing a collar. He just never saw a horse before.

Why the San Francisco Police Department and the National Park Service were riding a lame horse with a fractured leg and lazily romping around in a high traffic area for the public where dogs are allowed off leash, I'll never understand.

And why the Animal Care & Control San Francisco wanted to kill a puppy for chasing a horse I can't comprehend. When two dogs get in a fight, does the neighborhood kill both the dogs? These are animals. Domestic animals. Charlie had no fear of humans until he was exposed to sfacc.

Who knows what they did to him. All I know is Charlie pissed all over the damned place when we picked him up his first time at Animal Control. He was soo scared.

Nor will I ever get any answers as to why or where Charlie is. Why?

Because the City and County of San Francisco - Government want to use a horse as bait to kill an innocent man. Yes, I said it. Charlie's case makes no sense.

The San Francisco Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle want people to believe that the officer was on "routine patrol". That I was somehow at fault or responsible. Why else would the police report this little incident regarding a dog? To mislead the public. To cover up their failed attempt.

Where is the investigation? I never got any word of any investigation. This incident happened on Federal Land and there's no investigation? If there was, I don't know anything about it. But, I feel this was done "on purpose" as the Park Police knew who I was and that I had Charlie in the park frequently.

I've never seen a horse trotting through Crissy Field where there are children playing, off leash dogs, people training and riding bikes before that day August 6th 2012, and I haven't seen any since.

Furthermore, whenever you see horse patrols they are in groups, never one horse by itself.

Somehow, I was the bad guy for trying to save my 16 month old puppy. They also know quite well about dogs and horses in parks. Look into it.