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David Gizzarelli is a an American actor, musician, and artist born in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
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David has gained experience in student films, short films, feature films, re-enactment and crime shows, television, Japanese Television, viral videos, corporate videos, print, and more since 1997.

David is son of Eddie Gizzarelli, a WWII Veteran and manager for Ford Motor Company. Strangely enough, David is also Grandson to Emiliano Chamorro Vargas the former President of Nicaragua.

Even more, David's mother Pearla is related to John B. Downing (Alligator Jack) who toured Nicaragua with Mark Twain and was Mark Twains Riverboat Captain.

In 2004, David produced many successful music projects including live music shows and benefits supporting San Francisco under-priviledged children and the Bay Area homeless.

In 2004, David released his debut Instrumental Guitar CD titled "Diamond Plate Asylum".

In 2006, David performed Smoke On The Water with Ian Gillan and Lars Ulrich at Slims in San Francisco.

In 2009, David started the music group Whaletail.

Also, in 2009, David appeared in the hit NBC show Trauma as a recurring fire fighter.

In 2010, David appeared in several episodes of Discovery Channels' "I Almost Got Away With It".

In 2010, David earned a principle role in a new series by Discovery Channel called "Cuff Me If You Can" as Detective Venetucci.

In 2011, David starred in a Japanese Television show called The Worlds' Astonishing News. This episode was titled "Brazilian Baby Switch".

In 2012, David entered into a high profile legal battled against the City and County of San Francisco to save his 16 month old puppy Charlie.

In 2013, David tried to appeal the court decision arrived at in Federal Court in regards to his dog Charlie.

In 2013, David suffered a serious permanent back injury causing him to be disabled for many months.

2020, David continues to work, create, and inspire. Stay tuned for more from David Gizzarelli!