David Gizzarelli Actor Musician Filmmaker

David Gizzarelli as Detective Venitucci on Discovery Channels' Cuff Me If You Can Television Show.

David Gizzarelli working as a recurring fire fighter on NBCs' Truama 2009.

In August 2012, David Gizzarelli was running with his 16 month old puppy in an off leash area for dogs.  Eric Evans, an 18 year park police veteran, rode his lame police horse into an off leash area for dogs.  The city of San Francisco and city attorney Dennis Herrera, deputy city attorney Margaret Baumgartner, impounded Charlie and refused to release the puppy dog back to David Gizzarelli.  David fought for several years through several different courts to get his beloved puppy dog back.  Andrea Koskey at the San Francisco Examiner, many journalists at the San Francisco Chronicle, Jay Barmann at SFist.com, Susan Dyer Reynolds at The Marina Times SF, many officials in the San Francisco government, and many other media publications all conspired against David Gizzarelli.  They shut down his legal fund campaigns, harassed and stalked David Gizzarelli, hurt his budding acting career, hurt Davids' family, hurt Davids' health, and they did many many other things to David Gizzarelli for simply trying to save his 16 month old puppy from Euthanasia.  The media refused to allow David Gizzarelli to report facts and information.  Superior and Federal Courts publicly made fun of David Gizzarelli, mispelling his name on documents, in publications, and in press releases.  Radio hosts had sponsored commercials on radio that smeared and distorted the truth about David Gizzarelli.  To this day, David doesn't know what happened to his beloved puppy, Charlie, or if he's alive or dead.

David Gizzarelli working on the short film What If in the supporting role of Chuck.

In 2006, David Gizzarelli and his electric guitar talent won a contest to play Smoke on the Water with the legendary Ian Gillan from Deep Purple on the Smoke This tour.

David Gizzarelli working as a print model in 2006.

David Gizzarelli attending the MTV Music Awards after party 2011.