Gizzarelli Lyrics

One Fine Summer Day

In my life I have learned things only get worse before they will ever get better.
And you have to hold on and you have to go on like the words in that old faded letter.
And I have been told that you are never alone, don’t ever let go of forever.
When you feel on your own and hard as a stone Oh, why and when and whatever.
I know that there is a reason for the stars and the seasons the fluttering leaves in the wind.
You just never know so just go with the flow and listen to the mocking bird sing.
And continue to reach and I continue to dream learn to face whatever this life may bring.
There are more to meet and more to greet there are more souls and mouths to feed.
There is much more for you and more there for me there is so much more to life.
But the more you take and the more hearts you break only leaves some more wasted time.
We are closer to never so much farther from heaven the more we refuse to believe.
You must make a stand and reach out your hand, now and then try to bend a knee.
And one fine summer day things will all come your way this is the promise that keeps.
Our time is at hand it’s so hard to understand that life is more than we see.